Launched in June, 2016, Dixie Plates is run by ME, Kate - British born - living in Melbourne, Australia.

A nail tech by trade, I was being asked regularly to bring out my own stamping plates by many of my friends.  Thanks to a small inheritance I was able to bring the dream to life.

I adore stamping so I wanted to bring all the images I love, to everybody in a series of high quality stamping plates.

Aside from myself, I have my gorgeous husband helping out in the background, which I very much appreciate.

Dixie Plates has one distributor who is the EXCLUSIVE distributor to the UK and Europe.  Sarah Richardson is located in the UK and has an established online store.  

If you wish to purchase Dixie Plates in the UK & Europe, please check out Sarah's store:

If you have any questions, you can contact us at

Please feel free to come and join us in our Facebook group: Dixie Plates Facebook Group